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These are something I don’t offer.

You’re welcome to visit if you want a training plan that does not care if you’re running too hard too often, skipping miles, not doing strength work, under-fueling your long runs, etc etc. They can work and be beneficial for some people, but I don’t offer them because the actual plan is such a small thing when it comes to coaching and your training. 

But I do offer training plans for $300 and it includes 1-month of full premium coaching where we work together over the first 4-weeks of the schedule to dial in your training routines, strength work, nutrition, and make sure you’re running at the appropriate levels. After this initial 4-week period I build out a great plan for you that is dialed in to your life schedule, your training availability, and running abilities. It includes strength work, gratitude practice, yoga and meditation. 

Because if you want to take your running seriously, spending $300 to make these types of changes to your training will pay off in the months and years going forward. 

Get a plan that follows you, not the other way around.