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Plant-Based Running 101: Mentality

Motivation is just having empathy with your future self and acting on that knowledge. 

You can be given all the strategies and all the plans, but if you don’t have the mindset and motivation, getting it done becomes harder. 

Because here’s the thing… you’re going to have tough days. There will be weeks where your energy is low or the kid’s activities are jam-packed and you just don’t want to get out and run. And on these tough days, your mindset is what’s going to keep you motivated and back on track. 

In this video, I’ll take you through a few mindset techniques I use with myself and clients to help make the habits you’ve learned over the past 3 videos stick. 

Today I’ll take you through:

▶️ The “one more mile” mantra.

▶️ The “how will I feel later?” filter.

▶️ What activation energy is.


There are so many different mindset techniques that can help you even if you just have 5 minutes a day. Better yet, there are many that can help you during your runs that will help you reach your goals or the finish line. 

When my clients are struggling to get up for their run, or I’m contemplating eating those chips or meal prepping, the key to “ignore” your feelings now, and pause to think about your future. 

How are you going to feel if you do this thing? Does it outweigh the feeling if you didn’t do it, and made the healthy choice instead?

Have empathy with your future self.

What is activation energy? It’s the amount of energy or effort it takes to do something. We want to lower this activation energy, to raise the likelihood of doing something.

Habit stacking is another easy way to up the likelihood of doing something. Like mentioned in the running 

So what about long runs – how can you find the motivation there?

  • Group runs – use these as motivation to get the longer miles in. Use a group that’s running long distance, or run to a smaller distance group run and then run back home. 
  • Out/backs – if you run 10 miles one way, you have to run 10 miles back. It’s a mental hack to trick yourself into running a longer distance.
  • Ask yourself if you can run one more mile… even if you have to ask yourself 15 times. 


Action Steps

1️⃣ Brainstorm 2 or 3 tasks you would like to more consistently do.

2️⃣ Brainstorm 1-3 ways you can lower the activation energy required to do these tasks.

3️⃣ Write them down on a sticky note, hang this up where you can see it, act on it! 

Congrats on completing your final video! When you combine a healthy, sustainable diet, with slow & steady runs, with mindset – that’s how you become the best plant-based runner. 

We’ve come to the end of this run, but if you’d like additional support along your plant-based running journey, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

Ready to keep up the momentum?​

What you learned in this short 3-part series is just a snippet of what my 1:1 clients get every day. Sure, anyone can buy healthy foods and lace up their tennis shoes, but it’s the accountability and motivation that’s going to keep them going. And that’s not easy!

When it comes to investing in a coach, you’re investing in your future and having insurance on your health. 

And I know you want to do that! Know how? You’re here. 

You wouldn’t have signed up for this if you weren’t looking for some additional support. 😉

So if you’re ready to invest in a coach who is going to hold you accountable, lift you up, and help you sustain being the most badass plant-based runner that you can be – click that big pink button to set up a call to chat!