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Plant-Based Running 101: Your Diet

When it comes to living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and becoming a strong runner, you’ll want to first dial in on your nutrition. 

And I’m sure you’re either thinking, “duh Kyle” or “ugh, I just don’t have time.”….. I hear this all the time.

But just like coaching, eating healthy and sustainably is also an investment, and insurance! 

Lucky for you, I’m all about efficiency, and so are my clients. Most of the runners I coach are busy people, meaning that the good nutrition, running, and mindfulness habits they incorporate must be simple and actionable. 

In today’s video, you’re going to learn about:

▶️ Why you don’t have to worry about protein.

▶️ Tips on easily improving your overall diet.

▶️ About any supplements you may need


Well, what’d you think?? 

When it comes to plant-based running, and really any new habit you want to start incorporating in your life, the primary goal is to make small impactful changes that add up over time. 

Remember, it’s easier to gain momentum on a habit (and jump back on the wagon if you fall off) when you do a little task over and over again. If you dive in right away, you’re going to shake up your world so much that you’ll end up so overwhelmed that you’ll quit because it was “too hard.”

“The lower the activation energy needed to do something or change something, the better, and that’s the ultimate goal – to make our lives a little better. 🙂” — Me

It seems like anymore when you mention your workouts, you’re asked “what protein shake do you use?” But what do you do when you’re vegan, and does protein matter?

Not as much as you think! Instead, focus on eating enough calories of whole food, plant-based sources (vegetables, fruits, whole grains). When you do so, it’s likely that you’re getting enough protein. 

Other easy changes to make to improve your diet are to:

  1. Reduce the amount of added sugar in things you buy. Try to avoid foods where sugar is one of the first three ingredients. 
  2. Meal prep. It’s much easier on nights where you just want to plop on the couch after a run to  I have a weekly email that goes out to subscribers that provides easy vegan meal plans… for FREE! You can click here if you want on that. 

Action Steps

1️⃣ Record your diet for a week, look for 1 or 2 easy improvements you can make.

2️⃣ Go through your fridge and storage, do you have many items with added sugar, corn syrup, etc within the first 3 ingredients?

3️⃣ Sign up for my Easy Vegan Meal Plan to receive 10 free recipes weekly that are generally easy to make and/or food prep!

4️⃣ Send me an email with one healthy habit, sustainable habit you’re going to start incorporating into your daily routine. Some examples: drink 100 oz of water, walk on my lunch break, limit my desserts to 1 night a week, or go on a nightly walk.

After you’ve had a chance to complete these 4 action steps, move on to video 2!