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Struggling with your running?!?

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I help plant-based runners all over the world improve their running & lives through implementing sustainable training habits, easy to do strength work, dialed in nutrition.

Having it all come together with great accountability and motivation all the while sprinkling in some meditation and mindfulness practices. 

without being asked where you get your protein from! 

Plant-Based Run Coaching

Are you lacking motivation with the cold, darkness, and not having a concrete race on the upcoming schedule?!?

Do you struggle with knowing what type of running you should actually be doing?

Maybe you jump on the injury, recover, restart cycle year after year or you’re on the start, get off the plan, drop off, restart struggle bus. 

Are you winging your training?

There’s so much info on the web, within books, and from fellow runners that it can be overwhelming. I take the weight off your shoulders by learning about you and guiding you along the right path. 

Tired of skipping workouts?

Now more than over, the resistance to running is high with many runners experiencing inclement weather without any upcoming race on the schedule BUT the day to day training is more important than ever because it makes us better spouses, employees, parents, and people. 

Sick of injuries?

My number #1 is to help you meet your goals, uninjured, because if you get hurt I’m out of a job! We work together to dial in good training habits, strength work, nutrition, and mindfulness in the most sustainable way possible.

Not going into the gym?

Either your gym has closed down or you don’t feel comfortable in the weight room, that’s fine!

I take my clients through easy to do, short, but effective strength sessions with little to no equipment needed. 

Beginner Runner? start here!

If you’re a beginner and looking to get off on the right foot, click below to avoid?

1) Wasting months with sub-par training ?‍♂️

2) Making mistakes and getting totally injured ?

3) Starting a training plan, getting super pumped, but then falling off the bandwagon ?


While running can be as easy as going out and running in gear you probably have at home, it’s no doubt that having the right tools makes it a lot more sustainable and fun.

So click below to check out my favorite running stuff, from socks, books, nutritional products, and more!

New Vegetarian or Vegan?

Start here!

I’ve brought together various starting resources to get you off on the right foot when it comes to having a healthy and sustainable plant-based diet. 

Hey there, I’mCoach Kyle

Through weighing 230 pounds at my heaviest and losing that weight, earning a degree in nutrition, completing ultra marathons and a couple sub-3 hour marathons and working 1 on 1 coaching hundreds of runners, I’ve been there.

Now I take my experiences with myself and my clients and help runners just like you get on a plan that follows them, not the other way around! 

I specialize in helping busy people fit smart training, easy to do strength work, and healthy heating + mindfulness habits around their lives. Training should be something that benefits you, not stresses you out. 

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