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“I’m not fast enough for a coach”

You are not good enough for a coach!This is the false thinking I occasionally hear from runners.People think about the elites and the best of the best having coaches and this causes them to occasionally feel like having a paid tutor or guide is reserved for the upper levels of running, but this is completely false.I believe that anybody who wants to improve at anything is worthy of a coach or trainer. One could argue that the absolute best time to invest in a tutor is early on when you are learning a new skill. This lays the groundwork for good habits early on. We put children into swimming level one and we get grade school kids instruments when they first decide to play, why should it be any different for adults!In my business, my greatest regret is not getting a personal business coach to help me get started or to assist me earlier on in my run coaching business. When I decided to do a triathlon I had somebody help me learn how to swim, God knows how it would have gone otherwise.Yesterday I started working with a new client who has done a marathon but is looking to venture out into the trails and do a 50k this year. She occasionally struggles with motivation, may need some diet guidance and intervention later on, loves to lift but has struggled fitting it into run training, and wants someone to look over her shoulder ask her training changes over the next few months.If you think having a partner for your training will help reduce your injury risk, improve your race execution, and bump up your confidence, send me a DM and let’s get rolling!

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