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New Vegetarian/Vegan? Start Here!

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New vegetarian or vegan? 

Start Here

Going plant-based can be tricky, but I don’t want you to overthink it!

I’m always brought back to something I said once when asked, “You don’t eat meat?!? What the heck do you eat then?

My reply: “Everything else.

And that’s really how I look at my diet. There’s so much food out there and available to eat that does not come as a direct result of animal suffering and death, you just need to open the menu up a bit more from what you’re used to 🙂 

Something else I always think about when asked about what the heck I actually do eat if I don’t eat anything that comes from an animal is pizza, specifically Blaze Pizza, which is basically Chipotle for pizza. But someone who can’t image what I eat is often the same person who gets a pizza with dough, cheese, and pepperoni. Maybe some peppers if they’re feeling spicy?

But me… “everything but cheese, meat, and onions please! Blaze even has vegan meat and cheese so I can get those and my pizza on “such a limited diet” is twice as tall and heavy as the guy who thinks he can eat whatever he wants 😉 

I’m really trying to get across the idea that there is plenty to eat as a vegan or vegetarian and that your performance does not have to suffer with the exclusion of animal products from your diet, and your running and health can actually improve!

So below you’ll see a number of videos and playlists that will go over almost anything you could need to know about being a vegetarian or vegan. 

If these sound like things you can get behind, scroll down!

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Beginner Runner? start here!

If you’re a beginner and looking to get off on the right foot, click below to avoid?

1) Wasting months with sub-par training ?‍♂️

2) Making mistakes and getting totally injured ?

3) Starting a training plan, getting super pumped, but then falling off the bandwagon ?


While running can be as easy as going out and running in gear you probably have at home, it’s no doubt that having the right tools makes it a lot more sustainable and fun.

So click below to check out my favorite running stuff, from socks, books, nutritional products, and more!

What other plant-based runners say:

Love my coach even though I have no races on the horizon. I’m currently traveling, however I know he’ll totally have my back and get me back in check when my life returns to normal. Coach is great at working with your life! Plus his strength workouts make you feel like you’re working out with him and Banjo! Me and Gyzmo appreciate it!

Janine H

Finally hoping for a spring 2021 marathon

I keep having emotional moments about the past year and how hard it has been. At my lowest point(s) you had a plan and helped me feel hope that my circumstances were now but not forever.

I appreciate that you heard me when I felt like my body was  hurting but provided me with enough push to get me where I needed to be!

Thank you!!!

Nadia H

State Track Games to Trail Ultras

Starting coaching with you has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a really long time. I’m seeing a lot of really noticeable changes too – like better mood, more energy, flexibility, my abs are getting flatter, running speed inching up, and it’s really becoming part of my routine, I don’t worry about how I’m going to find time to squeeze in workouts.

Allison D

Goals: Getting back into running, maybe a marathon some day!

Hey there, I’mCoach Kyle

Through weighing 230 pounds at my heaviest and losing that weight, earning a degree in nutrition, completing ultra marathons and a couple sub-3 hour marathons and working 1 on 1 coaching hundreds of runners, I’ve been there.

Now I take my experiences with myself and my clients and help runners just like you get on a plan that follows them, not the other way around! 

I specialize in helping busy people fit smart training, easy to do strength work, and healthy heating + mindfulness habits around their lives. Training should be something that benefits you, not stresses you out.