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My Primary Gear for Boston Marathon Long Run Training: Long Run EDC

Gear makes a big difference when it comes to putting in those long miles. 🏃

Being the best runner you can be, which not only means hitting PR’s but can also just mean enjoying those great long trail runs, is having gear that supports your training and makes it as fun as possible.

So today, I’m going to go through my typical setup for my long run gear when I was training for the 2022 Boston Marathon. 🏁

We’ll talk about:

📋 Shoes

📋 Hydration

📋 Headlamp

📋 Gloves

📋 Glasses

📋 Socks

📋 Shorts

📋 Calories

📋 Electrolytes

This is not the gospel on the right gear for long runs. I’m sure there are many happy runners out there using different types of gears and running styles! This is just what has worked for me. If you’ve got a tip (gear-wise) that helps you out on your long runs, I’d love to hear it. Drop your thoughts in the comments section! ▶️

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