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Meal Delivery Service for Vegans: Knifehand Nutrition Review

Meal delivery services are convenient… but are they worth it?

Our modern lives can become hectic with work, family time, recreation, and what have you demanding the ever-scarce commodity that we have – time.⌛ Sometimes it’s easy to fall back to eating at less healthy options like fast-food restaurants when the items on our to-do list just seem to pile up by the day.

Meal delivery services can be a nice and easy alternative! ⭐

In this video, you’ll learn about Knifehand Nutrition, a sports nutrition company delivering frozen plant-based meals to busy athletes and professionals across the U.S.

I dive into:

🥘 Knifehand Nutrition and how it works

🥘 Taste test of their 4 meals plus my verdict

🥘 Importance of meal prepping

If you’ve tried other meal delivery companies that offer services specifically for vegans, drop them a comment below the video and let us know your experience!