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Low Fiber Diet

This is a really important concept that I don’t think gets enough attention.

It’s the ability to modify your diet the day or two before a big race to likely reduce your chances of having to poop more than once before or during your half marathon (or longer) event. 

It’s the low fiber / residue diet!

Here’s a video I made yesterday talking about why and how you may want to practice a low fiber diet the day or two before a half marathon or longer event, with examples of what I ate, so you can reduce your chances of GI distress before and during the race!

For example, almost every time I have a morning run I’ll poop before and during. Usually, I just do a 5-10 minute loop in my neighborhood, come back home, use the bathroom, and head out for the regular run. But during my last long run I practiced this low-residue diet the day before, used the washroom as I was preparing for the run beforehand, and never needed to again! #success

Again, if you want to potentially reduce your chances of GI distress during your next big race, watch this video!

 And as always 🙂 

You keep running & I’ll keep coaching!

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