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Log – Week of March 9, 2015

photo 3

Another week wrapped up!

This one one of my higher mileage weeks, being above 120km. Actually if you go from last Sunday to this Saturday, it’s probably my highest total in a 7 day period at 80 miles!

I’m feeling strong. I’ve not been tracking my paces or doing any real workouts that would give me an idea of my fitness level, but I’m feeling good. 


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Something I’ve noticed lately is that I’ve been not taking rest days or super light days right after a long run. The 15th I ran three hours on hilly technical trails and then the Monday after (today, writing this) I just ran an EZ60 and felt fantastic! Last Sunday I ran 3 flat hours and the next day I ran EZ70 with strides.

I’m not sure if it’s that I simply ran less total miles last year so I didn’t have to run after a long run or that I’m running more now so am simply getting more accustomed to higher volume. But I’m continually…almost surprised at how good I’m feeling the day after a long workout!


I’m not sure what the future holds for me, race wise. Desi and I may be leaving the country for the summer or longer, in June. I may just be a Soul Runner for the spring and summer. Training for the love of training, but not racing very much. I’m signed up for a couple races that I could do before we would leave….but I kind of don’t want to do them! I’ve skipped a number of shorter races here in Rapid City already this spring. Just, no desire to really race since I’m enjoying the training so much!!!

Our options for this summer are pretty fantastic. Since I work from home and Desi, being a teacher, has the summer off, we’re thinking about house sitting in Costa Rica or Ecuador! If you’ve never looked in to this travel option before, it’s quite fantastic. Generally it’s expats (often retired people living abroad) who need their place watched for a week to a few months while they travel, visit family back home, etc. Generally you watch their pets, make sure no one else moves in who’s not supposed to, nothing gets stolen, and maybe mow the lawn if they don’t have someone who does it. No rent is the real winner though.

We’ve chatted with a couple in Ecuador who is going back home to Europe to visit family and if the timing works we may go watch their place. Otherwise Costa Rica is much closer and there’s more options for house sitting there. We’ll see, but it’s looking good that we’ll not be in the United States this summer 🙂