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Log – Week of Mar 2, 2015

2015-03-09 07.35.19

Solid Week!

A few key things of significance are:

  1. Highest volume week so far in 2015
  2. No double days
  3. Single longest run in at least a year
  4. Best thing I’ve had yelled out at my while running, from a male passenger of a moving vehicle: Dude you look really hot from behind, but not so much from the front!”

I’ve just been running by feel these last few weeks and it has been fantastic! I generally don’t time my runs and just estimate with a distance. For an EZ flat run, I’ll plug in 5:30 / km, which is almost always slower than I actually ran. For example, I did track the long run and it ended up being about 5:20/km, so I would have been a bit behind. But, does it matter? Of course not.

This week I may do some Yasso 800’s to see what kind of marathon fitness I’m in. Not because I’m going to do a marathon anytime soon, but I’d like to have some sort of benchmark to base a marathon pace off of, for other workouts.


2015-03-09 07.35.28