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Kitchen Products Vegan Runners will LOVE

I didn’t know a potato masher can be so useful until I discovered what to use it for. 🤓

There are some other kitchen gadgets I LOVE that I never thought I’d love so much!

In this video, you’re gonna learn about these products and why I think you should consider getting them as well. 👌

We’ll dive into:

🍳 Why I love our instant pot

🍳 What to use to mash tofu like a boss

🍳 A better alternative to your good old stove top kettle

🍳 Another little gadget that I absolutely love (you better watch the video til the end!)

As I go through these, I’d love it if you leave a comment letting me know what some of your unexpectedly favorite kitchen equipment has turned out or maybe ones that you thought you would love and you didn’t really care for that much.