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How one marathoner went from just running to understanding training.

27 year old manager at a high end car dealership in New Jersey, Joey was stuck in his old ways after finishing three marathons. He had followed an app to tell him what to run and he would just go out and run. He had some idea about nutrition, pacing, strength work, but he never really executed or researched more into it. Like many runners he just went out and ran the distances. I can tell when I text or talk to Joey that he’s a smart guy who LOVES to learn. We suggest books to each other, talk about various experiences, and I strongly feel he’ll grow into a long distance friend of mine as our coaching relationship continues. But when it came to running I sensed that he was just going through the motions of the miles. Enjoying it, no doubt, but he had a lot of room to grow. He said that in the past, he “would just run. Period. 8 miles? sure. Ready, set, go I’d run 8 miles.”But now he’s becoming not only a better runner but a smarter runner! Joey told me that “You’ve also helped me better understand stretching, nutrition, hydration, my feet, improvements in my form, and improvements in my workouts!”I can tell he’s a super dedicated guy – you don’t get into his work position at his age by not having grit and determination. However I know that with a taxing (but rewarding) career, that can make those fun things we love doing a bit more difficult, even for the most go-getter of us. “One of my favorite things about working with you is the accountability. I genuinely feel guilty if I can’t make a run. I’m very hard on myself so I try to hold myself very accountable, but seeing scheduled runs and knowing you’re going to ask how it went, makes sure I get out there and get it done!”I hear far too often that people say they’re not good enough for a coach or they’ve been doing pretty well on their own, so why change it? But I strongly believe that anyone looking to improve at anything can benefit from a teammate helping them along. You don’t wait until you’re a great swimmer to sign up for swimming lessons, you do it in grade school. On the flip-side even exceptional musicians still hire tutors to continue to develop their skill level, and it’s no different for running. Joseph had finished his third marathon and his approach to training has been about the same for each one. He had an app and he would just go do the miles and he kept seeing the same results. But now? “I couldn’t be more happy than to work with Coach Kyle. Kyle has taught me so much about running which has improved the way I feel during and after a run, as well as help me run with more confidence. Whether it is getting off the couch for your first run, getting past a plateau or conquering a fitness goal, Coach Kyle can help get you there. He will provide all the tools and guidance you need! Having worked with Coach Kyle has sped up my splits, improved my leg strength and made me a better runner. Coach Kyle is the BEST!”If you’re ready to invest in some of that accountability and motivation to learn and try new things, apply here!