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Iron Supplementation Benefits Physical Performance in Women

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And no, I’m not talking about the iron that you pump, but that also benefits women’s athletic performance.

This is looking at nutritional ūüėČ

I just updated my research page with a new link to a review and meta analysis on iron supplementation for women:

Iron Supplementation Benefits Physical Performance in Women of Reproductive Age
The Results:
Iron supplementation improved both maximal exercise performance, demonstrated by an increase in maximal oxygen consumption and submaximal exercise performance, demonstrated by a lower heart rate and proportion of VO2 max required to achieve defined workloads. Daily iron supplementation significantly improves maximal and submaximal exercise performance in WRA, providing a rationale to prevent and treat iron deficiency in this group.
My Thoughts:
While this does specifically look at women, it’s a good remind of the importance of iron for athletes of both genders.¬†