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If you were your coach…

The only running shoes I’m laced up on the day I took that above photo was to the coffee shop to do some run coaching.

I crushed an EZ20 miler the day prior and my left achilles was just the tiniest amount ‘off’ in the afternoon.

As hard as it is to consider skipped a run for the next day Sunday, it was made harder because I had made plans to run it with a lady I coach. But in cases like this I always consider what I would say if a client of mine texted me Saturday afternoon and said their achilles was just the tiniest bit bothersome…

**I’d tell them to just skip Sunday’s easy jog**

I often do that with myself, I ask if I was my coach, what would I suggest. Because as a coach my #1 job is to keep people uninjured, because is someone is hurt and can’t run I can’t make a living.

And no one got hurt from skipping an easy day and taking it off instead because something didn’t feel quite right.

So, next time this happens, ask yourself what you would do if you were your coach!

Or ask yourself, “what would Coach Kyle suggest?”

Or email me and ask 😉


You keep running and I’ll keep coaching!

-Coach Kyle