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I Hired a Strength Coach For My Running, Should You?!?

Have you ever scoured Google and Youtube for tips, tricks and hacks only to end up having ZERO results? 😵💫

I was on the same boat before so I totally get it. That’s why I truly believe that there’s a ton of benefits to hiring any sort of coach, trainer, teacher, or tutor. I’m a running coach who enjoys working with coaches to help me with training and business. 👌

In this video, we’ll uncover why you should (or shouldn’t) hire a coach.

I’ll dive into: 

✍🏻 Why I hired a strength trainer. 

✍🏻 Why hiring a coach can be a pretty good investment for you

✍🏻 How having an online trainer actually works

Watch this video and let me know if you think hiring a coach, a trainer or a tutor is a game-changer or if it’s something that you’d rather skip (and why).