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You don’t have to enjoy every run.

Coach Kyle here,

This was one of the most unenjoyable runs I’ve had in a while.But I had 14 miles on the plan and I ran 14 miles.Below you’ll learn how I push myself to what I need to (not want) to do.Of course, there were moments of pleasure. But overall it was good to get it done.If you want to improve as a runner, you don’t always have to enjoy the act of running. Sometimes the pleasure comes later after you finished.Know that you toughed it out and did the run when you didn’t want to and know that while it wasn’t enjoyable you’ll be stronger from it. You’ll be pleased you did it afterward and especially on race day when you reach your goal.Within a couple miles of starting this run, I knew it wasn’t going to be awesome.Outside of a single .5 mile stretch later on in the run it was 100% on some to a lot of snow, so my mile pace was about 1-2 minutes slower than it normally would have been. That means it was a long 14 miles + my legs had to work harder than normal, but I still kept it easy!So knowing what I did, I switched my plan to an out and back route. Because if I had done the original loops I risked talking myself out of it.I even contemplated “ok, do 3/4th of the run outside and the last quarter on the treadmill” but I also told myself “harden the F up and do it here now, you’ll be glad”. So I just kept running away from home! I kept telling myself, two more miles out, 1.5 miles more out, just half a mile more and I can turn around.At the halfway point I stopped and had a few calories from Science in Sport and felt a bit better immediately upon running again towards home. I was able to do do a progression run and increase my perceived exertion to a moderate more brisk speed.Man, I was glad to be done! But I was also super pumped I did it! So next time you’re doubting yourself, think about WHY and WHAT you desire to do and do what it takes to get there!You may not enjoy it in the moment but eventually, you will! If you need some extra push to get out there – that’s my specialty 😉 Often my job is a coach is to hold people accountable and work on their motivation.Even a month of getting into the habit can be enough to get into the habit! If having my expectations and watchful eye may be helpful to you reply back to this email and we’ll chat about how we can get you running better!You keep running and I’ll keep coaching!- Coach Kyle