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How to Prevent Blisters

Blisters are always a tricky issue because they seem like such a minor injury, however left unchecked they can really wreak some havoc!

I’ll spare you the disgusting running blister photos, but you can certainly google them if you’re wanting some reference photos.

Did you know tightening your running shoe laces for downhill runs can prevent blisters? – Click to tweet

Running related blisters can happen from a number of reasons. What you must consider is that skin is rubbing against something else and this is causing chafing or blisters. The rubbing must be prevented.

  1. If your shoes are too large this prevents the laces and the shoe upper from being able to comfortably hold the foot in place, thus allowing the foot to excessively shift and potentially blister/chafe.
  2. If your laces are not snug enough this could let your foot move around inside even properly fitted shoes.
  3. If the shoes are too small or simply not the best shape for your feet this can compress your toes/feet and really rub on your skin.
  4. Downhill running may cause the feet to move forward inside the shoe, so being mindful of this and snugging up your laces and trimming your nails before a long / hard downhill run is wise.