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How to make the most out of your SPRING running!

What could be more fun than spending your days on the road, trail or track, enjoying warmer temps and seeing the sights from a different perspective? 🌱

As the days get longer and brighter, it’s hard not to get excited about spring running.  

However, as we transition from winter to spring, it can be easy to make some mistakes that would ruin such a fun time of year (that is why I am making this video!).

You’re going to learn about some great advice on

📋 Slowly easing into spring running from cold winter months
📋 Avoiding wet trails 

📋 Why you should go through the puddle!

With these tips, you’ll most likely feel more confident and truly enjoy spring running. It would be awesome if you can let me know you watched this video by dropping a comment. 🤗