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How to cover potential deficiencies with DIET instead of PILLS as a vegan

Recently I went over what the scientific literature suggests are the most likely or prevalent vegan deficiencies and which multivitamin 💊 best covered those nutrients. 

Today I’m going to take it a step further and go through each of those common nutrients and tell you exactly what whole foods you can implement into your diet to avoid deficiencies.
I’ll even show you a typical day of eating 🍽️ for me and exactly how that day compared to the RDAs of the nutrients with and without supplementation! You won’t want to miss this video!

We’ll cover some of the most common questions around this topic:
🥗 What are the potential vegan deficiencies?
🥗 How to get vegan b12
🥗 Where to supplement iodine?
🥗 Vitamin d3 food sources.
🥗 What foods have calcium, iron, and omega 3?
🥗 What foods do I eat?
🥗 Do you need to eat all the RDAs?

I hope this information will help you in choosing which whole foods to include in your diet. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.