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How to be a more environmentally friendly runner

One of my favorite things about being a runner is that it really gets me outdoors enjoying the fresh air and views, yet this activity isn’t without its waste.🗑️

In this video I’ll go through various ways you can lower the carbon footprint of your running and not only reduce your negative environmental impact, 🌎 but maybe make it a little better than it would otherwise be in some ways.

We’ll dive into minor changes in our everyday running habits that can produce major improvements to how we keep our planet healthy and habitable.

🚮 Pick up trash

🚮 Buy quality gear

🚮 Go plant-based

🚮 Refuse cheap race stuff

🚮 How to repair running gear

🚮 Reusable running nutrition

🚮 Run commuting

Hopefully, this video was informative to you and can help you become more aware of how you can be greener as a runner. 

If you know of any way that you can help the environment as a runner, drop them in the comments section below the video.