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How Meditation is Similar to Running Plyometrics & Drills

<p>Meditation is when you focus on one thing.</p><p>One of the best reasons to do meditation is it kind of calms in the mind. It brings it under control a little bit it, helping with focus.</p><p>Plyometrics are like jumping exercises. They’re highly dynamic like jumping. I’m going to include running drills in here as well. They’re not quite the same. Drills are typically exaggerated movements and plyometrics are more related to jumping.Examples of both would be like bounding and skipping.</p><p>How they’re similar is because they all take something to an extreme for a short period of time so then when you’re not doing the plyometrics, the drills, or a meditation, you’re still practicing what you were practicing to a lesser degree.</p><p>With meditation, for the 10 minutes that I just meditated, I was highly focused. My mind was quiet, the monkey mind was as controlled as possible for ten minutes. Now ideally what happens for the day that I’m out and about doing whatever is my mind is a little bit calmer &amp; controlled than it would have been otherwise. That 10-minute meditation being a hundred percent focused carries over one percent to when I’m not meditating.</p><p>It’s the same with like plyometrics and drills. When you do these, they’re highly exaggerated forms of running and movement and strengthening so then when you’re just running you’re not practicing these exaggerated movements but they carry over. When you do butt kicks or high knees, for example, that’s a hundred percent. When you just run, because you did the drills and the plyometrics, those carry over a little bit into just your general running technique, improving it slightly.</p><p>So that’s the reason why and the benefit of practicing things like meditation and drills and how they’re similar!</p>

Meditation, #running drills, and #plyometrics all serve a similar purpose →

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