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How I deal with lack of Motivation before a run

Today I woke up tired.

I drove to the rec center and felt tired.

When I arrived, I sat in my car for about 5 minutes trying to convince myself to go home and sleep.

I told myself I’d just do a half hour of flexibility, strength, and drill work. After that I could go home and go back to bed, do the run later in the day.

When I finished up all that gym work, I walked on the treadmill for a few minutes, and told myself to just do an easy thirty minutes and do the second half of the prescribed hour later in the day.

Finally I finished the slow half hour workout and realized I felt pretty good! I decided to pick up the pace a bit and do some 2 minute accelerations every 3 minutes. I even cranked the treadmill’s incline down to do downhill hill repeats.

Boom! Training done for the day!

Lying to myself is something I’ve done frequently, when lacking motivation.

Never judge a run by how you feel before or during the first mile. Always go into them with an open mind, they’ll almost always feel better after than when you started!