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“How do I do a 10×10 Running Streak?”

<p>I want to talk really quickly about run streaking, specifically a 10 by 10 challenge.</p><p>This is something an athlete of mine does yearly and I’ve got two athletes doing it this year. How it works is it’s 10 miles over 10 days in 10 runs so over 10 days it’s a hundred miles.</p><p>The first consideration is you need to be a fairly advanced runner to do this you can’t be jogging 20-mile weeks and jump into a 10 by 10. If you’re running 40 miles a week 50 miles a week you can do a 10 by 10 challenge, it’s a nice kind of kick in the butt to get some to get some higher volume in. What typically happens is you’ll realize that you’ll feel better as the 10 by 10 challenge progresses. This is pretty true for every type of run streak the more you run the more fit you become and you adapt to it </p><p>Other considerations for any type of run streak, but especially a high-volume run streak, will be to start off the streak really easily, don’t start with a tempo run or an 800-meter repeat workout. Start with an easy 10 mile run for the 10 by 10 challenge. You can do a couple easy days and then do a workout, separate them by 2 to 3 more easy days and then do another workout if you want to but it’s really important to modulate your effort and training load during any type of run streak so you have hard days and you have more easy days and then you have a hard day again. So you have those easy days between hard days even if they are still 10 miles in this case.</p><p>Taking in calories is going to be really important. Take in some calories before and during the 10-mile run. Having breakfast, taking at least 100 maybe 200 calories during the 10, and immediately afterwards taking 20 grams of protein and maybe 20-30 grams of carbs immediately after the run to really stimulate and get that regeneration and glycogen resynthesis taking place so you can recover for your next run, whether it’s just a run streak or ten by ten. It’s so most important, again modulating your training load and getting adequate protein and carbs in while doing a ten by ten challenge.</p><p>Another consideration is compression socks when you’re not running. Ice bathing may be taking it a little too far, you don’t need to ice bathe every day, maybe just after any harder runs, you do during the run streak. Obviously, sleep is important. Also, things like minimizing your extracurricular training other than the running During the ten by ten I’ll have my athletes reduce their strength work, for example, because they’re running load is going drastically up! </p>

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