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How Crewing An Ultra is Like Crewing a Pregnant Wife

Crewing an ultra is like being a slave to a pregnant wife. 🥴

If you’ve ever been a crew member of an ultra runner, you’ll know what I mean. From having to support your runner with little sleep, keeping in mind to be attentive to his/her needs, and sometimes having to deal with mood swings, being an ultra runner crew is like being an expectant dad. 👶

In this video, you’ll learn how to crew somebody at an ultra marathon. I’ll also share why it’s similar to crewing a pregnant wife. 🤰

You’ll learn:

📌 The similarities between crewing an ultra runner and a pregnant wife

📌 Pro tips on how to be the best ultrarunner crew.

Check out the video and drop a comment if you have any additional tips for crew members. Enjoy!