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Have a running question? Stop wondering and get it right before you cause more problems!

Running can be as simple and accessible as, say, walking. 🚶‍♂️

But it becomes complicated all too quickly. Equipment, injuries, training, technique – the questions and issues pile up so quickly that many runners just give up. 😿 I’ve come across runners who could benefit from small changes in their habits. 

So I decided to answer some of these questions. These are some of my favorite videos where I reply back to individual comments on Twitter and bring them all together here for you!

Learn more about running and improve your performance with these tips you should know about.

📌 Alternatives to running gels.

📌 What can cause your achilles to hurt while running?

📌 What’s the best half marathon training plan?

📌 What should you do with 3 weeks between marathons?

📌 How to run the week of a marathon?

📌 Tips for zone 1 running.

📌 How to run between events that are close together.

…and more!

Watch or listen to this while doing laundry and I promise you’ll learn something new to implement into your own training to race and run better. 

If you have running-related questions not mentioned in this video, leave a comment and I’ll do my best to reply!