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Happy Diary #6

happy diary is a daily log of something that gave me pleasure that day.

Doing this has been shown to increase mindfulness of what you are grateful for and to simply increase your daily happiness. Doing this daily for a month can literally change it’s structure. Journaling about the below moment of happiness earlier in the day lets me relive it again. This act also makes my brain better at recognizing moments of happiness when they come around the first time, as well!

I’ve already started to notice how daily practice of recognizing happy moments is affecting my life. I’ll be going about my business and suddenly think “this would work for my happy diary!”. Simply doing so makes me think more about how grateful I am for parts of my life.

Today it’s my job at SKORA Running.

I began with SKORA a few years back as a wear-tester and was asked to join the company as its Social Media Coordinator, since the CEO was doing it in his spare time. Being fresh out of college thinking about grad school, I jumped on the idea!

Desi has a bad apple at work who really just about ruins the entire job for her. I mentioned this to my friends during a group run and someone made a comment about there being someone like that at every place, but I realized that everyone from the CEO (pictured above) to Kevin who I’ve not even met in person yet are fantastic people. No one at SKORA is a bad apple.

I’m so thankful to be able to work with such a great group of people!