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strength & mobility

You know you should be doing strength work..

I get it, most runners love to run and they don't want to lift...

And that’s fine! You don’t need to go to the gym and crush some iron with the bros.

BUT, doing 4 or so strength sessions weekly will offer you a plethora of benefits related to not only your running but your life!

With the runners I coach, they generally do 4 or so 10-20 minute strength routines every week. I never require them to purchase equipment and certainly no gym membership. All movements are safe, simple, and progressive. 

And you’re going to learn what that looks like right now.

Why strength train?

I suspect a big part of why many runners don’t like to strength train is because they have an idea it requires going to the gym and lifting with the meatheads, doing complicated long sessions that are boring, they feel they should just run, or they just don’t know how to do it. 

But I’m here to tell you can CAN get stronger!

Improve your body

I hear it all the time from my runners how they do start to enjoy the strength work once they learn how to do it in a different manner and they notice those benefits in and out of running.

Stronger hills and trail running
not tweaking your back shoveling the snow
Improved body composition

Workout Examples

If you want to get it laid out for you week by week in a more specific and progressive manner, sign up for the FREE Weekly Slow & Strong Program!

You’ll start with some of the above routines for month 1. During month 2 and month 3 you’ll receive some slightly progressed routines to further improve your strength and mobility. 

What it is

The Slow & Strong Program is what I do right away with almost every runner that comes to me for coaching, no matter their history or abilities I make sure their easy running is truly easy and I guide them into doing good strength training.


Many runners run a bit too hard a bit too often, and if you're looking to train successfully for an event while remaining injury free you must master the easy run! I tell my runners that just because a run is easy does not mean it's not beneficial. With true easy runs you'll be able to run further, more frequently, more consistently, feel better doing it, and be able to run faster when it counts.


I tell my clients during the first month or so that we can't do what many may consider to be the more enjoyable longer runs and track or tempo type workouts if we don't get a good base of fitness before those begin. Along with easy running to build consistency and frequency, strength training gets us stronger right away so when we do start to up the distances and intensities, we're going to be more successful.

important things

I’ve implemented this mentality for all sorts of runners from back of the packers to ex-high school athletes to power lifters and they’ve all realized the benefits of mastering the easy run and improving their running-related strength.

Not really, no! A yoga mat and dumbbells would be nice but may not be necessary. 

Nope! It’s free 🙂 I just hope you USE it and BENEFIT from it!

Yes! For older runners, one of the best ways to preserve their strength, stamina, and metabolism is with strength training. For young athletes in particular, the warm-up routine I include has been designed specifically for and proven to reduce injuries in youth soccer players.

The beauty of the Slow and Strong program is that it does progress over the course of 3 months with different phases for various routines as your strength progresses. 

Free Weekly Slow & Strong Program!