Strength & Mobility


How to Use This Page

These routines are primarily body weight, which means little to no equipment is needed for most of them.

Since they’re “just” body weight focused, that means once you adapt to the workouts you won’t really be able to wreck yourself like you would with a full set of plates in a squat rack.

For myself and my athletes I love 4+ routines weekly, not including the lunge matrix warmup. The beauty of bodyweight routines is that they’re effective but they don’t as easily induce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) as weights, so you can do them more frequently! 

The Gambetta routine is my fave, but I like to recommend doing that twice weekly and simply picking different bodyweight routines for the other 2-3 days. Stronglifts is in there if you do want to pump some iron. Don’t do plyometrics before doing Gambetta!

  1. Do the lunge matrix before every run.
  2. Do a couple of the routines post-run.
  3. Add reps, sets, or weights as needed.
  4. Do the itbs stretching routine a few times weekly & or the Active Isolated Flexibility routine below.