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Runner Gift Guide

Stressing about getting a runner a gift? Here are some ideas they’ll LOVE →

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Gifting to a runner can be a challenge because running related items can be so much based on preference that it’s hard to pick something. However, the below “surprise boxes” are a blast to receive since they are miscellaneous items curated into a box that can be monthly to a onetime order. This takes the guesswork out of your hands so you’re not risking getting something the individual won’t like.

But the best thing about these is that it’s FUN to open boxes like this, and if you get a recurring one it becomes the gift that gives for a few months 🙂

I’ve sorted the below boxes by price, starting with the least expensive. I hope you enjoy and please let me know in the comments if you have any other great gift ideas!

$20 every 2 months


This is the least expensive box since it’s bimonthly. That does mean for less or the same amount of money as a more frequent box, this will gift for longer.

$15 monthly


(5OFFKYLE will get new subscribers $5 off of their first box and will work through December 24th.)

It’s a bit smaller than The Runner Box but comes monthly instead of every other month, so there’s tradeoff.

Onetime payment of $60


This is a single purchase, so if you don’t want to actually pick the items for your runner, but you want to get them some running swag, here’s a good option at a nice price. You get a few pieces of clothes + a couple little things in the box. It’s not a subscription so it’s one gift at once.

Onetime payment of $150-$250


This box varies in price based on what they select to include, but if you don’t want to buy the full box you can order a gift card! Use code “Coach Kyle” to get $20 off your order 🙂 This was a super fun box to open and if you want to spend a bit more on your runner, I would highly recommend checking this out!


GLOBEIN BOX (50% off referral link)

I gifted a 3-month GlobeIn subscription to my wife for her birthday and it’s just the coolest stuff! They source fair trade type items from around the world, include information about the source and craftspeople, and it’s a fantastic way to give back and get some beautiful items!