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Fueling, massage guns, running playlist, and more! You Ask I Answer…. your running-related questions!

Running can be a fun sport, but it can also be one of the most intimidating things you’ll ever try. 💣

It seems like there’s always a new problem that keeps you from running as you should, 🧾and though there are many resources out there to help, they often seem written for a range of people with a range of experience.

That’s why I’m back again with another video answering some of the most common questions about running.

This time around, I’ll be covering a great bunch of topics:

📑 Expensive vs cheap massage guns: which one should you get

📑 Tips for getting off the sofa and going for a run

📑 What to do if your legs just getting tight and feeling sore

📑 How to stay sane on long runs

📑 Properly fueling an ultra marathon

📑 Beet juice and how it helps with performance gains

… and many more!

Running can be a tricky beast at times, so I hope this video will help you guys out. Let me know what you think in the comments section.