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Welcome, runner!

I work with runners all over the world to hold them accountable, increase their motivation, and decrease their injury risk to get them to their athletic goals.

Welcome to Improved Running, with an Ethical Twist

 Your plant-based running coach! What do you get with Coach Kyle?

Custom Schedule

Training should follow the runner, not the other way around. When we begin working together, the first thing I do is interview you so I know your past, present, and future and I design your training around your work/life/edu schedule, the weather, etc.

Strength & Mobility

A lack of appropriate (or any!) strength and mobility work is one of the most common problems I see and one of the changes new clients can expect. I have a full library that has many routines based on your time and equipment availability.


Investing in a coach is a fantastic way to bump up your accountability and motivation. A cookie cutter plan you downloaded for free doesn’t care if you go run in the rain or skip your workout. But with a coach you’ve invested real money, I’ve put in time, and I’m expecting you to run!


As someone who has eaten a vegetarian diet since 2006, I can connect with you in other ways than just enjoying running.

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply don’t eat a lot of meat…

Whether it’s for health and/or ethical reasons…

I get it! I understand 🙂 


After losing 50 or so pounds in high school, I decided to attend university for a degree in athletic training, where I lost even more weight. 

I did switch to & earn a degree in nutrition, but snuck in as many exercise physiology classes as I could.

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So you want to improve your running by increasing motivation,reducing injury risk,& getting some accountability?

Don’t hesitate!  Click the button below to learn more about how you can run more successfully and happily.

You don’t have to keep wishing you would stop getting injured, hitting the wall, or missing your runs.

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