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Fear of Your Goals, Workouts, or Races?


Use that fear, worry, or nervousness not in a bad way, but as MOTIVATION to do what you need to do, better.

I chatted about this with a client training for her #firstmarathon recently. Use lofty goals as motivation to do the strength work, all the miles, eat well, etc.

My recent goal was a Boston Marathon qualification and while I knew it was possible, I knew it wouldn’t be easy (and it was damn hard!) but I USED that uncertainty as motivation to run my easy runs truly easy, crush my workouts, get those 15 mile double days in, get those 15-20 mile long runs in with 3-5 miles at a 5-10% uphill grade, watch my alcohol and sweets intake, do the strength work, etc etc.

And I made the time by 43 seconds 🙂 Not enough to get into the race but I made my real goal of going sub3 one day.

If it was as easy goal, I promise I would not have worked as hard.


So next time you’re nervous about something you need or want to do, hold on it in a positive way!

And if you want some backup, reply back here and let’s chat about how I can help you work towards your big goals and get you to where you want to be 🙂 

You keep running, and I’ll keep coaching.

-Coach Kyle