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Forget the extra mile…

Coach Kyle here,

Forget about going the extra mile.Just go an extra .1 or quarter mile! The reason I say this is because I think mental toughness can be built, enforced, and developed. What’s one way to build some mental toughness?Take the long way, go a bit farther, or exceed expectations.If I head NE from my house on a run, on the way back I can do the last half mile flat or with a steep incline. When I’m feeling great I’ll usually take the easy way back home… BUT if I’m having a tough run I may take the hill. When I run to runclub I can take the route that is .8 of a mile or 1.00 mile. If I’m not struggling I may go the short way but if I don’t feel like it I’ll run by the shortcut.WHY?Because I think these tiny little moments when you flex your determination build up your resilience and strength for the moments when it REALLY MATTERS!For those moments when you’ve not even gotten a run in and are questioning it, for the moments when you’re at mile 9 of a 20 miler and not feeling it. The little moments when you make a choice to do a little bit extra add up and help out when you have to make a big choice!So I challenge you to make the choice to take the hill or skip the short-cut.

You keep running and I’ll keep coaching!- Coach Kyle