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Ex-Collegiate “go hard go home” to lifelong sustainable running.

40-something year old, working mother, wife, and runner in western Wyoming, USA decided she had had enough with injuries, with a stress fracture being the tipping point. Being a ex-collegiate athlete, she was accustomed to going 110% every time she worked out and this eventually caught up to her. Erika wanted running to be something she could both enjoy, but more importantly do for the rest of her life. In came me, Coach Kyle 🙂 Erika is a leader at her job, managing people and making decisions for 40 hours weekly. She says that one of the greatest benefits of having a coach assist her with training is that this is something she does not have to research and decide upon. It’s a weight off her shoulders! “The biggest benefit as a working mom is that I never have to think about training schedules or try to plan my workouts. I make enough decisions all day long, having to figure out a training plan just made it that much harder for me to actually get out there! With Kyle at the helm, all I have to do is make the time, and do it! I found it makes it SO much more likely that I will get out there!”When it comes to getting the running and strength work in, she finds that having me expecting her to take the easy days easy and the hard days hard helps balance things out. “Having Kyle’s support has been amazing! He’s cheering me on and providing helpful feedback.”The motivation and accountability don’t end there. I’m often asked how long people tend to work with me and the answer can vary from just a 3-month training campaign towards a goal race, or as Erika found out, a lot longer. “When I first started working with Coach Kyle I thought I would commit for about a year or so. I wanted to learn strategies that would help me train smarter so I could be a runner for life and not just for now. After working with Kyle though, I just can’t imagine having to do it without him! Having someone schedule my workouts, keep me accountable, make me rest when I’m not taking care of myself and cheer me on has been invaluable! So here I am, several years later, still working with him and I hope I can continue doing so for years to come.” But all started with Erika getting in touch with me 🙂 If you’re ready to take that weight off your shoulders, apply here!