Easy Vegan Meal Plan


[Recipes done for you!]

Welcome to the BEST vegan meal plan online.

-Are you sick of not knowing what to eat? ?
-Then you order out or eat junk because you need food, yo! ?
-Or you eat the same meals over and over again….
-And you’re tired of wasting time looking up recipes, so you just don’t❌

Here, I’m bringing together some of my favorite recipes from some of my favorite vegan websites delivered to your inbox weekly!

Each week you’ll receive 4 dinners (or is it supper?), 3 lunches, 2 breakfasts, and 1 dessert delivered to your email inbox. 

[totally free]

Tired of not knowing what's for dinner?!?

Want more plant-based running goodness?!

Plant-Based Runners, Unite!

Here is the plant-based running resource you’ve been looking for! A group of like-minded runners here to tackle the certain questions we have in relation to how we can eat mindfully, live well, and run at our best.

-Coach Kyle

Intro to Plant-Based Eating


“Great video Kyle! Love the balanced perspective. Excited to see the next video!”

-Sanjay S

Plant-Based Run Coaching

“The knowledge, accountability, & motivation you receive from a coach is much greater than any downloadable app. Is an app going to check in with you, listen to your concerns? Modify your plan to follow you? Believe in you as much as you do? Empathize when things aren’t going right? 

-Jenn L