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EASILY cut time off your next running event!

I’m a big believer that one of my biggest jobs as a coach 👨‍🏫 is not so much just telling my runners what to run.

Rather, it is sharing with them little non-running things that can make their running and lives just a bit better, because little changes can go a long way!

Today you’ll learn five little changes you can make during a race that alone or combined will have you running slightly faster or feeling a bit more comfortable than you otherwise would have been. 🏁

All these take is for you to obtain the knowledge right here and implement them, then you’re good to go! Here’s a quick run-through.

🏃 Familiarize yourself with the course

🏃 Proper pacing on hills and throughout the event.

🏃 Using music to run faster

🏃 Take the tangents while running!

🏃 How to deal with morning pooping during runs.

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Let me know in the comments if you have more tips to share or if you have any running-related questions that you’d like me to answer on my next video.

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