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Best Articles on: Hydration/Dehydration

Below are a few articles I’ve come across on the subject of hydration/dehydration that really caught my eye! Hope you enjoy and if you have any other resources, please comment below!

Mild Dehydration Won’t Slow You Down | Alex Hutchinson at Sweat Science | “The key is to understand the difference between dehydration, the physiological state of having lost fluid, and thirst, the desire to drink.”

Dangerous Exercise: The Hype of Dehydration & Heat Stroke | Ross Tucker at The Science of Sport | “Supposedly, as little as 2% dehydration impairs performance by 10%, which is amusing because when the world’s elite marathon runners finish in 2:05, they have lost at least 2% body weight, which means they’re running two minutes slower than they would’ve done had they listened to many Gatorade advertisements and scientists sponsored to tell this “truth”.”

Just Because You Sweat Does Not Mean You’re Dehydrated | Alex Hutchinson at Sweat Science | “That’s because weight loss doesn’t necessarily correspond to water loss.”