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Crazy Horse Half Marathon RR


First, would you please take a moment and vote for and share my video? I’m in the running to win a vacation getaway! Voting accounts for 20% of the overall score!

Last weekend was my final, and honestly only, big race of the year.

I ran other events, but did not truly train for and peak for an event other than the Crazy Horse Half.

You can find my race report HERE at my company website.

At my personal website, here, I’ve included some more personal notes.

I could talk about how it was a disappointing finish to a disappointing year, but I’d rather talk about some more of the positives.

First, two of my women athletes placed in the top 1.5% of females, meaning they placed better than I did with a top 6% finish among guys (2% overall). Well done to Melanie and Kris, it’s an honor to be able to work with such successful local athletes.

The highlight of my entire day though, was hanging out at the mile 7.5ish aid station where my wife Desi helped direct traffic at, cheering on the marathoners for a few hours and being able to meet in person my athlete Cathleen from California, who was running the full!

I heard her yell HI to me at the turnaround right away within the first couple miles, but I really wanted to be able to chat with her later on. She came through and I ran with her for a couple minutes and chatted. Got to meet her husband as well. She seemed in good spirits considering being at mile 21, and that made me feel great.

Later on we ran into them at a coffee shop, so I was able to chat with Cathleen and Manuel a bit more, and they’re both super cool. It’s alway really fun meeting my online athletes in person!