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I help plant-based runners

feel more confident in their running, happy with their food, and strong with their body.

Because otherwise what’s the point of all this?

I care and want you to be better but I won’t try to make you into a super athlete.

We work together to dial in a sustainable relationship between all aspects of your life, work, nutrition, and athletics to be more consistent, intentional, and just feel good about what you’re doing!

How this works

Step 1: Apply

Click on any of the buttons on this page and fill out the application.

Step 2: Let's Chat!

After you fill out the application you'll be directed to schedule a call so you and I can talk about your needs + goals and how we can work together to meet them!

Step 3: Off & Running!

You'll become more consistent, and stronger all the while maintaining a healthy "run life balance". No over-indulging with training & sacrificing your own time, family time, or sleep.

Coach Kyle here, nice to meet you 🙂 

I help plant-based runners fit sustainable training, nutrition, and strength practices into their already busy lives. You’ll save time by having the motivation and accountability to stick to a plan that fits your life all the while being more intentional with the athletic choices you’re making without having to sacrifice sleep or family/life time for other fun things you enjoy.

What I do is work closely with runners all over the world to simply help you make better choices that impact not only your running, but your entire life in as wholistic a way as possible. 

Check out my Instagram for a closer more personal look at who I am. 

My awesome clients

Here is WHY others have invested in my help.

They’re real runners, just like you.

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Their Results & Takeaways

Here's what they've achieved and loved about working with me.

What my clients want YOU to know

"If a friend was thinking about joining and asked you about my coaching, what would you say?"

For real, if you're not happy with our work together within the first 30-days and we can't work together to improve what we're doing together, I'll happy give you all your money back - no worries!

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