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Coaching Feedback

I’ve been working on encouraging my clients to provide me with a bit more feedback. I think they often feel that if things are going well, feedback is less important because…things are going well! 

But I still like to hear that for confirmation 🙂 

When I have a new client join I always send them a welcome email to chat about communication and the check-ins. You can actually see the check-in form here.


But I thought you may be interested in reading what I send to new clients in regards to communication and feedback. If I’m your coach now or in the future, you have a coach, or heck a tutor in any skill, know that the more feedback you give them the better both of you will be! 

So below here is what I recently changed my intro email to, what do you think? 


Some notes on how/when/where for communication:

I give all my clients access to my personal email here and mobile number or skype/whatsapp service so you are free to email or text me at any time. Check-ins will be taken care of via an end of week survey and if you have any other questions over the course of the week you’re most encouraged to email them to me unless they need to be answered asap, then text/skype/whatsapp/DM 🙂 

Please note that I rarely answer unplanned calls, emails, or messages after 5pm when my wife gets home from school. I will get back to you, but I do need to set some limits.

You’re also always encouraged to send me any questions you may feel is stupid or TMI. I’m your coach and I’m here to help! My job is to help you learn and execute to the best of your ability. You’re never bugging me with questions, ask away! 

I try to reach out to you or respond back to my clients once-twice weekly at least. Know that if you don’t hear from me I still saw your workouts emailed to me from FinalSurge. But please, please, please know that I cannot help you if I don’t hear back from you, you don’t check in at least twice monthly (even to let me know things are going awesome!), or you don’t provide me with any feedback. This is critical to online coaching, not only for me to do a good job but for you to see the best results. I LOVE seeing my clients at least rate their last week, tell me what went well, didn’t, and what they want to focus on for the immediate future. 

‘You are the world’s foremost expert on you. Training isn’t something I do to you, it’s something I do with you and for you. The more feedback you give me, the more I can help you.'” – Nick Tumminello

I’m also not going to chase you down.

Online coaching is a shared effort. I would never leave a client hanging if they reached out to me for something (if I do, let me know, I probably overlooked the email somehow!)

Basically, just please keep me updated on how things are going. That’s how this relationship is successful. 

Check-ins are typically sent out Friday or Saturday and I typically go through them on Mondays and/or Tuesdays. So please have your check-ins submitted by Sunday evening. 

Missed check-ins tell me make me feel like you’re not taking your program or me seriously. 

Some Notes on Training

Below are some videos you may find helpful to start off with 🙂 Don’t ask me what strides are and then have me send you this video in a week 😉 How to do….tempo runs

repeat workouts


long runs

easy runs


The most important videos to watch!