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Shoe Surgery

  Experiencing irritation of the achilles tendon by the rubbing of a high and stiff heel tab is an unfortunate and easily preventable injury. I’m not talking about a simple blister here, but actual irritation of the tendon. Achilles tendonitis can hopefully become a thing… Read More »Shoe Surgery

Self Talk

Self talk is something I’ve begun to use recently, during races. This is simply me cheering myself on when things get difficult, generally the last mile or kilometre of a race. Generally these are slightly under my breath and come in the form of short… Read More »Self Talk

The AM Run

I awake with stiff legs from yesterday’s miles and from last night’s immobility. My first thought every single day is something along the lines of “This morning’s run is going to be difficult.” Already I feel apprehension, yet I arise, knowing that movement is the… Read More »The AM Run