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How to Carb Load

<p>The carbohydrate loading protocol that I use is fairly unique, it’s not very popular yet but it should be!</p><p>It was a protocol developed by scientists at the University of Western Australia and what they found was that a single super high intense short bout of exercise plus a high carbohydrate diet for 24 hours afterwards was enough to stimulate super saturation of the muscle fibers with glycogen.</p><p>Shat you do and what I typically have my athletes do either the day before the morning before or two days before (depends on their flight / travel schedule) I have them do an easy one or two mile warm-up and then the protocol is two and a half minutes at a moderately hard effort and then 30 seconds at best effort.</p><p>That plus a high carbohydrate diet for the remainder of the day was enough to trigger your body to store extra glycogen! With the high carbohydrate diet what I recommend isn’t just eating donuts and all this junk, I typically recommend my athletes just drink some extra Gatorade or something that day. Have an extra slice of bread with breakfast in the morning. I typically try to lower my fiber intake as well, the day before so that helps move things through my GI system a little quicker so on race morning hopefully I have a little easier bathroom break ;)</p>

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