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My fave vegan breakfasts!

This is a recipe mashed together from a few sources, but primarily I better give a shout-out to Demeter at beamingbaker for the base of my recipe. I won’t smother you with ads or stories, so let’s jump into the ingredients!

1c oats

.5c flour of our choice

.75c shredded coconut

.5tsp baking powder

.5tsp baking soda

pinch of salt

2 flax eggs (2tbsp ground flax+6tbsp water whisked and left to sit for 10 minutes

.25c melted coconut oil

.5c nut butter

.25c maple syrup

.25c sugar (I used .124c stevia/brown sugar mix)

1tsp vanilla

1) And then you can add 1 to 1.5c of whatever you want! I chopped up some dates and mixed in slivered almonds, chia seeds, crushed walnuts, and sunflower seeds.

2) Preheat your oven to 350*F and line a cookie sheet with a reusable sheet.

3) Mix together the dry ingredients into a bowl and the wet into a second bowl.

4) Poor and slowly mix the wet into the dry until you have a nice tough. Fold the add ins in as well.

5) Bake for 8-12 minutes.

I made 8 cookies from this recipe and they come to about 450-500 calories each, perfect for a breakfast or after a run! 

β˜•οΈThis new to me recipe makes a tasty breakfast and it’s a good way to make something that you can freeze for later use. ‍

?One of the things that make this recipe great is that it’s a nice alternative to a tofu scramble *as an omelet*

?Note: I think the tofu scramble still has a place in breakfast burritos but I believe I prefer this if I’m eating it with a fork off a plate!

But let’s get onto the recipe!

Chickpea Omelet Ingredients

1c chickpea flour (I’ve tried making this and it’s better purchased)

2tbsp ground flax seeds (these, you can food process from whole!)

.5tsp baking powder

.5 tsp salt, turmeric, garlic powder

1.5c water

For the filling, go with whatever you want! Saute some mushrooms, onion, peppers, spinach, basically whatever you have in the kitchen πŸ˜‰

To prepare, you simply

1) Mix the dry ingredients together

2) Mix in the water and mix, let sit for 10-minutes

3) Saute the veggies

4) Just like a pancake or crepe, spray the pan and pour in. It’ll likely spread out across the entire pan, which is ok, you should actually use a spoon to help this along.

The beauty of is you DON’T NEED TO FLIP IT!

5) It will cook through, so when this happens add the filler veggies, fold over, and serve!