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How to Measure Body Composition

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I had somebody comment on my Instagram posts about my body fat since I check it once monthly. 

They were interested about how to check your body fat so I thought that would be a super quick instructional video!

The reason I check my body fat once a month is because body fat doesn’t change quickly like weight, so with weight when I have recorded it in the past it was daily just to track the average. With weight it changes so easily that I prefer to use my average weight but with body fat it doesn’t really change that much so I only measure it once monthly on the first of the month in general. I just did that recently and I wanted to show you quickly how to do that

So you can buy these calipers on Amazon or wherever, they’re super cheap and this is called the caliper and you’ll see that it has measurements on it. How it works is you pinch some skin + body fat and when it clicks in there that’s where you take the measurement. For males it’s a three point system. Typically you don’t do this yourself but the most important thing is consistency over time so I’m not so concerned about how accurate my measurement is but if I do the same measurement procedure every time then it’s correctly tracking changes and that’s what I’m most concerned about.

How it works is you take a pinch of skin and you find where the caliper clicks and that’s that’s your number. Do that three to five times, take the average and put that into some online calculators. Check out the video above to see me put it into the calculator!


Here’s a quick “how, why, & when” for measuring body composition →

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