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BEST Runner Gift Ideas!

Hey there runner!

What’s the best and worst running?‍♀️related?gift you’ve ever received?

Seriously, reply back on the video, I’d love to know!

Give me a?good one and a bad one?

In this weekend’s video I gave a few tips on runner gift ideas that I think would work for any runner of any preference and ability. 

Maybe you’re thinking about some items for your list or for another runner? 

I think these few options would work for anyone and I’d love to hear your thoughts. The video will be going up Sunday at 7am and I’ll be there for a live chat when that happens. So head over to that link, click the reminder icon, and I’ll see ya there ?

And remember, 

Plant-based runners, unite!

-Coach Kyle

ps: if you missed my video from Thanksgiving, I did a quick one while waiting to volunteer at the turkey trot about some things I’ve learned this year and am grateful for.