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BEFORE you struggle & need to ask, get your answers NOW!

The nice thing about running is that while little mistakes can cause big problems, little changes can lead to big benefits! 💡

So in this video today, I’m going through some really great questions I’ve received that will break down some actionable dos and don’ts that will help your running!

You’ll learn about topics such as the best natural running fuel, how much speedwork you should do during a taper, tips for slowing your running down, what to eat 🍴 before a race, and more!

We’ll talk about:

📄 Best “natural” running fuel?

📄 Should you do speedwork during a race taper?

📄 How to slow your running down.

📄 Dealing with road camber while running.

📄 Best pre-race breakfast?

📄 Tips for coming back from plantar fasciitis

📄 How I’ve handled piriformis issues.

📄 What does a recovery week look like after a half or full marathon?

📄 Do this to get rid of side stitches while running!

📄 How to get your running mojo back.

📄 Is beetroot juice good for running?

I hope you find this video helpful. Drop a comment if there’s any running question you’d like me to answer and I’ll do my best to answer them in my next roundup.

PS: I have a newer inexpensive coaching option that you may be interested in! It’s great for those looking for a less expensive option but still want some great feedback, have me to chat with and bounce ideas off of, and get some great accountability and motivation without having to spend the full $200+ monthly. Just reply back here and I’ll give you some of the details 🙂