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Bank Stamina

Hey there!

I thought my little quote from an Instagram video was a little clever.

But if not, it’s at least good advice!

Bank time, not stamina. – Coach Kyle

You’re encouraged to watch that video for some info, but the discussion came from a runner asking me what a negative split is and from me recalling a friend telling me some runners were going to try to bank time at a local marathon…

He ended up passing them later in the race, by the way 😉 

Anyway, one of the absolute best ways you can have a successful track workout, tempo run, easy run, or race, is to have a negative split where you run the second half of the distance faster than the first half.

This usually means you start a run far more easier than you normally would, not that you kick it into high gear for the second half.

When it comes to a repeat workout, like mile repeats or a tempo run like 6 miles at marathon goal pace or a race such as a 5k, a nice way to lay out the plan is in thirds.

First third: Easy peasy, far easier than you think you should be running. May feel like a suuuper slow jog.

Middle third: A little brisk or “crisp” but still controlled and holding back a bit. You may pass a few runners who have already expired.

Final third for races: Best effort, reach deep into your suitcase of courage and drop the hammer. The only way to end the pain is to keep running. 

Final third of a workout: Brisk but not quite best effort, it’s rarely necessary to run a 10/10 effort during training.

But for easy runs, generally I find it’s optimal to focus mostly on doing the first quarter or third of the run really easy. I like to run with my mouth closed for the first third at least, often for the entire easy run. I told this to a client of mine in Texas and after a few runs she said:

“Started slow and it paid off!!! I felt great the entire time! I see the benefit of the slow start and feeling so good by the end of the run (this is a first for me, I usually feel so burnt out at the end)!”

Now doesn’t that sound great?!

Question of the day: How do you manage your pacing when it comes to training and racing?

You keep running, and I’ll keep coaching!

-Coach Kyle