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Alternatives to Gels

<p>I’m going to go over a quick question about alternatives to gels.</p><p>Now gels like typical gels are kind of gross… it’s exactly what you would expect… it’s a gel inside and they often don’t taste great. They’re sometimes not bad but they’re not good either and the consistency really can kind of get to people at times.</p><p>There are a few alternatives to gels, the one that I’m most often to recommend and most fond of are gummies. These are <a href=”;linkCode=w00&amp;linkId=0a74b4351adb22b3ed88be289ccee81a&amp;creativeASIN=B015CWDFWU” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Honey Stinger Chews</a> and <a href=”;linkCode=w00&amp;linkId=f69280e8cd58004cd14b5d67166ad5bd&amp;creativeASIN=B014HN21DY”>Clif Bloks</a>. The Honey Stinger package has 160 calories. That’s good for an hour’s worth during the long run or marathon. Gummies are there like gummy bears and I usually put them in the back of my mouth and I’ll kind of let it dissolve, maybe bite it in half so it dissolves a little better. That way they are more of a slow release carb if it’s dissolving rather than like a shot of gel which you have to have water with. For the gummies, you can kind of just let them dissolve.</p><p>Honey Stinger and GU also makes a really good kind of <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>waffle type thing</a> . It’s kind of like a cracker but they are probably the best tasting sports nutrition I’ve ever had, easily! It’s just a waffle with some frosting type material inside, maybe 150 calories.</p><p>Also, a good option, if you want something even more natural, is just dried fruit like raisins. Those types of things also work but they’re not quite as handy to carry because they’re not made to be carried a while running but they work. I’ve done ultra marathons with raisins and dried cherries before.</p><p>You could also go the other route to super processed but not sport specific, like gummy worms or gummy bears. They taste better than most other things you may try, so yes, candy is a is an option.</p><p>If you do want a more natural form of a gel, something I’ve also been enjoying lately are the gels from <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>spring energy</a> (15% off at that link). They are a little bigger than a typical gel but still have a hundred calories. The nice thing about these is that the first ingredient is mango, the second ingredient is basmati rice, then organic banana, honey, coconut water, orange juice, Most of them has the first ingredient as basmati rice. It’s a gel but it’s not like the plastic gel like you think of. It’s like a pudding meets fruit smoothie type thing.</p>

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