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Actionable Improvement Steps For Runners Based on Research Results

Research studies and results can be intimidating. 🤯

But today, I break down some interesting ones to show you exactly what was looked at, what the results were, and you’ll learn if you should make any changes or not!

In this video, I’ll go over information about plant vs animal-based protein, a science-based marathon 🏃🏼‍♂️ fueling plan, and what happens when study participants didn’t follow it, chatting quickly about cold-laser therapy, self-talk, and if branched-chain amino acid supplements are worth the price. 💸

We’ll dive into:

🔎 Plant vs animal-based protein for healing and recovery

🔎 Branched-chain amino acids and their benefits for vegan runners

🔎 Science-Based Marathon Nutrition Plan

🔎 Is cold-laser therapy helpful?

🔎 How to use self-talk to run faster

If you’ve found these bits of information helpful, I would appreciate it if you could give the video a thumbs up. Drop a comment if you have some ideas to share or questions that I may be able to answer in my next video.