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Is it getting HOT out there?

Let’s beat the heat together so you have some more comfortable runs

with LIVE 5am wake-up calls and daily action steps so you can

Beat the Heat | No Skipping Workouts | Feel Great!

The mornings are a secret weapon when it comes to summer running, especially for busy people just like you. 

Getting your workout in first thing in the a.m. when your family is still sleeping and the temp is at it’s summer coolest will have you nailing your training without sacrificing family time, suffering in the hot sun later in the day, or worst yet skipping the workout all together…

As a busy dad of a toddler who has work, family, etc obligations I understand how tough it can be to fit time in for our own good habits that make us feel better and bring us joy – which is why the morning time is so important! 

For me, Quincy and mom usually wake around 6:30 – 7am so I can have 1-2 hours to dedicate to myself and my own training, and this is especially important in the summer when it’s topping 80 or even 90 degrees during the day! 

So in this 5 Day Challenge you’ll get my step-by-step best practices on how you can make your morning magic time happen so you can prioritize your health and wellness in the most sustainable way possible! 

In just 5 mornings you'll...

  • Learn how to optimize your evening for a better morning
  • Dial in your morning motivation so you stop hitting snooze
  • Be glad to wake up early and get your run in and done!
  • Benefit from morning workouts all day long
  • Feel really great about what you’re doing!

Here's what we're doing:

DAY 1: How to optimize your afternoon and evening habits so you’re best able to wake up well the next morning. 

DAY 2: You’ll not want to miss this one so you can learn best practices on actually getting out of bed. 

DAY 3: 

DAY 4: 

DAY 5: